Our primary goal at this time is the complete a renovation of 40-50 old home to LEED Standards for Energy and Water Conservation, Construction Sustainability and Waste Management controls for a Veteran family that is need. The following is what we have organized and completed to date:
  1. We are working with Wayne County Veterans Services Division Director to help source the Veterans (among other Veteran’s Organizations)
  2. Our legal arm is supported by Saulius Mikalonis of Plunkett and Cooney
  3. Our accounting arm is C.M. Accounting under the watchful eye of Dan Malahik its owner and President.
    • An accounting firm that provides its services primarily to credit unions
  4. Our resourceful Directors have already have acquired material donations for:
    • Kitchen Cabinets
    • Granite Counter Tops
    • Wood Trim
    • Insulation
    • Floor Finishing
    • Ceramic Tile
  5. Our website is being developed in concert with all relevant facts that are Veteran-centric at this time.

As an important note we are on the continual outlook for Foundations and Organization that can assist us with attaining this immediate goal and hopefully focusing on the future possibility of them assisting (or partnering) with us in accomplishing our long term goals.